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Adromischus Cristatus – Crinkle Leaf Plant

by Sofia Lara
Adromischus Cristatus

Adromischus cristatus is an alluring, low-growing succulent that is easily identifiable because of its thick, lime-green leaves. Among the names given Adromischus cristatus are Crinkle-Leaf Plant and Key Lime Pie.

Feel the leaves of Crinkle-Leaf Plant. You will observe that it has a texture that is similar to felt. The leaves appear crested and have a triangular shape. Adromischus cristatus has a short stem that is covered by a thick coat of fibrous roots that look reddish, tangled, wiry, with patches of hair.

Adromischus cristatus produces flowers in the spring. Crinkle-Leaf Plant can grow up to 18-inches (45cm) in height and 24-inches (61cm) in width. It originates from the Crassulaceae family and is native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

How to Grow and Care for Adromischus Cristatus

Beginner succulent plant hobbyists could start out with Adromischus cristatus because it is a very easy species to grow. Crinkle-Leaf Plant can be successfully grown outdoors or indoors.

Adromischus Cristatus succulent

The succulent is often grown indoors and used to adorn a windowsill or the shelves of a home or office. Outdoors, Crinkle-Leaf Plant will be a wonderful addition to a miniature garden or rock garden.

1.   Sunlight

If grown outdoors, it is recommended to plant Adromischus cristatus in an area which receives full to partial sun for up to 6 hours per day. If grown indoors, place the plant near a window that gets plenty of sunlight.

Assuming you want to transfer Crinkle-Leaf Plant outdoors, slowly introduce the succulent to sunlight otherwise, it might get burned. Start by placing the plant under partial shade and give it time to adjust to the sun’s rays.

2.   Watering

Adromischus cristatus does not require as much water as other succulents. You have to be very careful when giving Crinkle-Leaf Plant water because overwatering can lead to root rot which may lead to its demise.

Before watering Adromischus cristatus, feel the soil. If it feels dry, give the plant some water.

In the summertime, you can water Crinkle-Leaf Plant frequently. In the wintertime, the soil stays moist much longer. During these cold months, water the plant sparingly. You can even withhold watering for a long time.

3.   Pot and Soil

Crinkle-Leaf Plant is best grown indoors if the temperature in your region can fall below 20° F (-6.7° C) as this is not a cold-hardy succulent.

Plant Adromischus cristatus in a pot that has good drainage. It must allow the soil to drain properly to lower the risk of overwatering. If your pot has the plant sitting on a saucer of water, remove and empty the contents as soon as you can.

Cactus soil mix is highly recommended for Adromischus cristatus. You can also use regular potting mix with pumice and sand added to improve air circulation in the roots.

During the spring and summer months, add diluted fertilizer to the soil once-a-month.

How to Propagate Adromischus Cristatus

Adromischus Cristatus care and grow

Adromischus cristatus can be propagated through the use of leaves or by planting its seeds.

Of the 2 methods of propagation, using its leaves is recommended because growing the seeds will take a long time.

1.   Leaves Method

Step 1: Gently twist and pull on a leaf of Adromischus cristatus. It must be a clean pull so that no part of the leaf is left on the stem. A clean pull will assure you of a successful propagation of the plant.

Step 2: Place the leaf in a shaded area and give it a few days to develop hard calluses.

Step 3: Once the calluses have developed, place the leaf on well-draining soil.

2.   Seeds Method

Step 1: Plant the seeds during warm weather.

Step 2: Make sure the pot has well-draining soil for you to plant the seeds in.

Step 3: Give the soil water whenever the soil is dry to the touch. It may take some time for germination to take place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adromischus Cristatus Toxic for Cats and Dogs?

Adromischus cristatus does not appear in the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (ASPCA) website’s list of toxic plants.  

The list is not all-inclusive and only includes the plants that are frequently asked about. If your pet experiences gastrointestinal distress or vomiting when it comes in contact with Crinkle-Leaf Plant, please consult with a veterinarian right away.

Why is my Adromischus Cristatus Succulent Dying?

Like many members of the Crassulaceae family, Adromischus cristatus is prone to the problems of overwatering. 

Crinkle-Leaf Plant can easily develop root rot if it is given too much water. If you see early signs of fungal development, cut the infected part right away to avoid contaminating the entire plant.

The succulent is also very attractive to mealybugs and boll weevils. Adding diluted fertilizer in the soil during growing season will keep the pests away. 

If you see cotto-like substances growing on the leaves, this is the work of the mealybugs. Wipe the leaves with a cotton ball that is dipped in denatured alcohol.

Does Adromischus Cristatus Produce Flowers?

In the springtime, Adromischus cristatus will bloom small, white flowers with hints of red and a tube-like shape. The flowers do not have a scent.

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